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Senator Patrick Leahy chatting with students on-line.Over the past several years Sen. Leahy has conducted many online chats with students of all ages throughout Vermont. Leahy has found them to be very informative and fun, both for the students and for the Senator himself.  The goal for these chats is to encourage student civic participation by demonstrating that government is accessible and accountable to their concerns.

Leahy is always impressed by the level of knowledge, curiosity, and creativity that our students' questions reflect. Questions range from topics such as landmines, the death penalty and the environment, to what it is like to be a United States senator and whether or not he believes that Champ, the Lake Champlain sea monster, exists.

Below are links to a summary of online chats Sen. Leahy has held with students in Vermont. To view any of these summaries just click on the title of your choice.


People’s Academy of Morrisville,

On June 2, 2015, Senator Leahy held an online chat with multiple grades at the People's Academy of Morrisville. The Senator enjoyed a lively discussion with the students, and enjoyed their questions regarding minimum wage and the importance of supporting the needs of Vermonters. He was especially impressed by the students' discussion on the future of Congress and the country as a whole.… Continue Reading


Gilman Middle School

On May 20, 2015, Senator Leahy conducted an online chat with the seventh and eighth graders of Gilman Middle School. Senator Leahy enjoyed discussing the Trans-Pacific-Partnership and the role of China in the global economy. He was especially impressed by the students' difficult questions regarding mandatory vaccinations and ISIS.… Continue Reading


St. Johnsbury Academy

On May 5, 2015, Senator Leahy held an online chat with St. Johnsbury Academy's AP Government and Microeconomics classes. He was impressed by the students' questions regarding his role on the Judiciary Committee, as well as their discussion on the impact of the filibuster and cloture procedures in the U.S. Senate. Senator Leahy especially enjoyed hearing the students' aspirations to become leaders in Congress.… Continue Reading


Stowe Student Council

On April 29, 2015, Senator Leahy held an online chat with the Stowe Elementary Student Council fourth and fifth graders for his eleventh year. He is always impressed by Stowe's students, and especially enjoyed discussing their observations regarding the Ebola epidemic in Sierra Leone. He was also impressed by their questions about human rights and the issue of the Washington Redskins changing their name.… Continue Reading


The Danville School

On April 22, 2015, Senator Leahy held an online chat with the 11th and 12th grade classrooms of Danville School. Senator Leahy was impressed by the students' questions on how things have changed in his four decades in Congress. He also enjoyed their questions regarding the Presidential race and religious freedom.… Continue Reading


Jericho Elementary School

On March 24, 2015, Senator Leahy held an online chat with Jericho Elementary School's 4th grade. He was impressed by the youngsters' interest in how a bill becomes a law and about his process for identifying key priorities for Vermonters. He especially enjoyed talking to them about his inspiration to become a Senator and on tactics for remaining hopeful even during distressful political times.… Continue Reading


Bellows Free Academy Middle School

On March 19, 2015, Senator Leahy held an online chat with the 8th graders of Bellows Free Academy Middle School. He was impressed by the classroom's engagement on the Constitution and its effect on building legislation in the U.S. Senate. He also enjoyed discussing how his experience as Vermont's State Attorney has helped him as a Senator serving Vermonters.… Continue Reading


Windham Southeast Supervisory Union

On March 11, 2015, Senator Leahy held an online chat with the sixth, seventh, and eighth grade classrooms of Putney Central School. Senator Leahy was impressed by the students' questions regarding school nutrition and the organic farming movement. He also enjoyed answering their questions on climate change and ways in which Vermont is leading the nation in renewable energy initiatives.… Continue Reading


Colchester High School, Colchester, VT:

On Thursday, February 5, Senator Leahy led an engaging discussion with Colchester High School's "Civics in Action" class. Comprised of seniors looking to take action on issues facing their communities, the Senator was impressed by the students' in-depth questions, and with their drive to help people in need. He especially enjoyed talking about how Vermont has changed politically since he took office, and about what we can all do to promote peace and reduce poverty.… Continue Reading


Malletts Bay School, Colchester, VT:

On Wednesday, February 4, Senator Leahy hosted an online chat with fifth graders of the Malletts Bay School. The children engaged in an interesting discussion about their ideas for change throughout the nation. Senator Leahy particularly enjoyed hearing about their desire to stop bullying in schools. He also liked telling them about his life before becoming a U.S. Senator, and about his goal to pass legislation to protect the privacy of Americans in the 114th Congress.… Continue Reading


Woodstock Middle/High School

On February 11, 2015, Senator Leahy held an online chat with Woodstock Union High School's AP Government class. Senator Leahy was impressed by the students' engagement on topics such as Cuba, immigration, and clashes between police officers and citizens throughout the country. Senator Leahy was especially engaged in the students' highlighting of the Mount Anthony Union High School's "professional integrity audit" of Fox News after Bill O'Reilly aired a rather negative segment on Bennington, Verm… Continue Reading


Ludlow Elementary School

On November 19, Senator Leahy held an online chat with 12 students from Ludlow Elementary School's 6th grade classroom. The Senator enjoyed answering the students' challenging questions related to immigration policy, the recent midterm elections and the ways that Democrats and Republicans can work together to solve the nation's problems. He enjoyed telling the students the story of when he brought batman to visit the Kellogg Hubbard Library in Montpelier.… Continue Reading


Canaan Elementary School

On June 2, Senator Leahy held an online chat with Canaan Elementary School. The Senator discussed with both the teachers and the students about how laws are made and the difficult elements of being a United States Senator. This online chat was held on one of 25 computers at Canaan that were donated through the Computers for Schools program, which is run by the United States Senate Sargent at Arms. Each year, Computers for Schools distributes used computers to different schools across the count… Continue Reading


Mettawee Community School

On May 19, Senator Leahy held his fourth online chat of 2014 with 30 4th and 5th grade students from the Mettawee Community School of West Pawlet. The students questions ranged from addressing the Senator's work in securing bulletproof vests for law enforcement in Vermont to the Senator's thoughts on gun control. The Senator also spoke about his love of fishing and photography and his home on a tree farm in Vermont.… Continue Reading


Stowe Student Council at Stowe Elementary School

On May 13, Senator Leahy held his 10th online chat with Stowe Elementary School. Senator Leahy enjoyed an engaging conversation with both the students and teachers in the classroom. The conversation focused his work to make college education more affordable for students and a discussion of some of the most difficult decisions he has had to make as a United States Senator. The students even discussed the Senator's most recent experience on the set of the new Batman movie.… Continue Reading


Roxbury Village School

On April 29, Senator Leahy held his second online chat of 2014 with the 4th and 6th grade students of the Roxbury Village School. Senator Leahy answered their questions about what led him to become a United States Senator, and how his years as a Vermont prosecutor helped him throughout his career in Congress.… Continue Reading


Whitcomb Jr. and Sr. High School

On January 30, Senator Leahy held his first online chat of 2014 with the Whitcomb Jr. and Sr. High School 9th grade social studies class. Using the internet to communicate with the students and their teachers, the Senator answered the students questions about the Leahy War Victims Fund and his work to ban anti-personnel landmines around the world. He also spoke with them about his pastime as a photographer, and his community involvement at home in Vermont.… Continue Reading


Stowe Elementary School

On Wednesday, May 8, Sen. Leahy held his fifth online chat of the 113th Congress with members of Stowe Elementary School's Student Council. Using the internet to communicate with the students and their teachers, Sen. Leahy answered the students' questions on several issues, including the rising cost of higher education, the conflict in Syria and the future of gun violence legislation. Leahy has long been a leader in Congress in connecting to schoolrooms with Internet tools. Listed below are t… Continue Reading


Richmond Elementary School

On Tuesday, April 9, Senator Leahy held his third online chat of the 113th Congress with fourth-grade students from Richmond Elementary School. Using the internet to communicate with the students and their teachers, Senator Leahy answered the students' questions on several issues, including his day-to-day life in the Senate, his favorite hobbies and what issues he is working on as a member of the Senate Agricultural Committee. Students also asked about his work in several Batman films. Leahy h… Continue Reading


Champlain Elementary School

On February 14, Senator Leahy went online with 55 fourth grade students from Champlain Elementary School in Burlington, VT. Senator Leahy used Skype to communicate with the students and their teachers from his office in Washington, DC. The Senator spoke about what it's like to be a Senator and answered questions from the students about his work on agriculture, hunger issues, and protecting the environment. This was Senator Leahy's fourth online chat of the 2011-2012 school year. Listed below ar… Continue Reading

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