Williamstown Elementary

Williamstown Elementary School: Hi Senator Leahy, We are very excited to being chatting with you

Williamstown Elementary School: I'm Jesse Dumont, 1 of 3 fifth grade teachers at Williamstown Elementary.

Sen Leahy: Hi - Just got here and I can see you!

Williamstown Elementary School: great the kids have worked hard on their questions so I am going to turn it over to them

Sen Leahy:Go ahead - and as you can see i do my own typing so don't hold typos against me

Williamstown Elementary School: no problem! here is our first group

Williamstown Elementary School: Joe, Michael, Vincent, Where have you traveled to for your job and what did you do there?

Sen Leahy: The coffee i am drinking is Green Mtn Coffee Roasters

Sen Leahy: Joe, Michael and Vincent I have traveled to every continent including Antarctica and the South Pole. I have to go to Russia to meet the new President next month but i especially like traveling home to Vermont several times a month. Usually i meet with government officials and our own intelligence people in the countries i visit.

Sen Leahy: Incidentally some of my ancestors settled in Williamstown over 100 years ago

Williamstown Elementary School: wow that is interesting, thank-you

Williamstown Elementary School: Dylan, Elisa, Tommy, Why did you become a lawyer and why is law your favorite topic?

Sen Leahy: I grew up in Montpelier living in front of our family business. I became the first Leahy to go to college [my sister the second] and the law always fascinated me. I especially liked the idea of being able to try cases and got a chance to try a very large number when i was State's Attorney.

Sen Leahy: Dylan, Elisa and Tommy if you visit Washington we'll show you the Judiciary Committee i chair

Williamstown Elementary School: thank-you!

Williamstown Elementary School: Carissa, Aric, Theron, What are you children’s’ and grandchildren’s names and how old are they?

Sen Leahy: Carissa Aric and Theron I have a son Kevin married to Carolyn and he lives in Middlesex as do I . He has two children Roan and Francesca. A daughter Alicia married to Lawrence who live in Virginia with two children Sophia and Patrick and a son Mark married to Kristine with a daughter Fiona

Sen Leahy: The grandchildren range from 5 months to 10 years old

Williamstown Elementary School: wow, thank-you

Williamstown Elementary School: Evin, Sharlene and Chandler, What is you favorite piece of technology and why?

Sen Leahy: Evin Sharlene and Chandler I should probably say the technology I am using now to communicate with you but I am also an avid photographer [just had a photo show in Barre] and I guess I really like my camera. Will be using it at the White House tomorrow to take pictures of the President and the Pope.

Williamstown Elementary School: thats exciting

Williamstown Elementary School: thank-you

Williamstown Elementary School: sorry repeate

Williamstown Elementary School: here it comes

Sen Leahy: that's ok!

Williamstown Elementary School: Taylor, Melinda, Katie, Will, Which law are you most proud of writing and why?

Sen Leahy: Taylor, Melinda,Katie and Will - I wrote the Organic Farm Bill and because of that law we have a lot more organic food throughout the country, in school lunches, in our farm's markets and it has made people healthier. I am very proud of writing that law and Organics are now a $14Billion dollar industry as a result

Sen Leahy: I also wrote the law that bans the export of landmines and the Leahy War Victim's Law to help war victims all over the world

Williamstown Elementary School: that just got a round of applause!

Williamstown Elementary School: thank-you

Williamstown Elementary School: Hunter, Evan, Jeremy, In what ways have you helped Vermont communities since you became a senator?

Sen Leahy: Thank you for the applause

Sen Leahy: Hunter,Evan and Jeremy I have brought well over a billion dollars of jobs to Vermont to help communities. Have also worked with any community that has asked on everything from bridge construction to law enforcement.

Williamstown Elementary School: wow thats alot, thank-you

Williamstown Elementary School: Billy, Ethan, Andre’, Is your family proud of the work you’ve done as a senator and do any of your children want to become senators?

Sen Leahy: Incidentally i am very impressed with the questions - it shows you are very good students and must have excellent teachers. Your families must be proud of all of you.

Sen Leahy: Billy, Ethan and Andre my family has been very supportive and i could not do this without their help. My wife and I have been married for 45 years and she is the greatest help along with a superb staff in Washington and Vermont. Each of my children have great careers ranging from law, medicine and even jet pilot so i think they will each have their own career.

Williamstown Elementary School: you must be proud

Williamstown Elementary School: thank-you

Sen Leahy: i am very proud of all of them

Williamstown Elementary School: Dylan P, Brittany, Justin

If you could spend a day with any one in the world who would it be (they can be dead or alive)? And why would you choose them?

Sen Leahy: Dylan P., Brittany and Justin that is a hard question because there are so many. I think I would like to spend it with Abraham Lincoln and ask him how he had the strength to keep going as he worked to keep our country united. If he had failed we would not begin to have the blessings we have today as a country.

Williamstown Elementary School: thank-you

Williamstown Elementary School: Dylan M., Andy, Kylie, What is your favorite sport and why?

Sen Leahy: i have time for one more and than i have to go

Williamstown Elementary School: okay

Sen Leahy: Dylan M., Andy and Kylie I enjoy watching basketball but i was a champion competitive shooter in college and still do a lot of target shooting. For pure escape I like ocean scuba diving but i don't get many chances to do that with my schedule

Sen Leahy: Again I hope you might visit me in Vermont or Washington - I am very impressed with your questions and wish you well. Now a big wave!

Williamstown Elementary School: you rock! we like those hobbies

Williamstown Elementary School: bye thank-you

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