Westford School

Sen Leahy: It has been a crazy day here but i have been looking forward to being with you - how's Vermont today?

Westford School: Sunny and a little warmer

Sen Leahy: I wish i was home!

Westford School: May we send our first question?

Sen Leahy: please do

Westford School: Jeff- What are your views on the rights to own a gun?

Sen Leahy: Jeff i own many guns at my home in Vermont - i even have a makeshift pistol range in back of my house. I do not believe felons should own them

Westford School: Kristen- Do you believe in Global Warming?

Sen Leahy: Kristen i think the evidence is overwhelming on global warming. I have visited Antartica and the South Pole and seen the amazing changes in the past couple decades. We all have a stake in doing something about this

Westford School: Kristen- What do you think about the poor homeless people in Africa?

Sen Leahy: Kristen I think how fortunate all of us are who have homes. I worry about the homelss people in Vermont and the rest of our country as well as around the world. It is a matter of morality when we are so blessed that we try to help others. My wife and i do this with a lot of our charitable giving

Westford School: Karsen- What was the most exciting thing that happened to you in your childhood?

Sen Leahy: Karsen so much was wonderful growing up in Montpelier where i was born. I think all the times my family and I joined with other families to travel together, play ball together and just enjoy Vermont. I also remember the circus coming to town when i was 6 - that was a lot of fun!

Westford School: Karsen- When did you decide to get into politics?

Sen Leahy: Karsen growing up in Montpelier i always was interested in politics. When i was in law school at Georgetown i used to spend a lot of time watching the U.S. Senate and realizing how much good could be done there for your state and country and I wanted to be there too to represent Vermont

Westford School: Selden- Have you ever been to Westford Vermont?

Sen Leahy: It is interesting being able to see you [on a webcam] - i hope it is coming thru on your end

Sen Leahy: Selden I have been there often both when i was State's Attorney of Chittenden County and since I have been in the Senate. Westford is a beautiful place and I look forward to being there again

Westford School: What was your first thought when Bush was elected for the second time?

Sen Leahy: I had hoped that we would change Administration because I hoped that we could change the course of the war in Iraq. That didn’t happen and we have now been in Iraq longer than our own Civil War - whoever the next President is, the main effort will be to get out of Iraq and reverse the trends of our own economy

Westford School: Gabe- Have you ever thought of running for president?

Sen Leahy: We send hundreds of billions of dollars to Iraq - I wish we could use that money to put people to work in America and fix some of our own problems

Sen Leahy: Gabe I enjoy being able to represent Vermont in the Senate and consider it a great privilege. I have no urge to run for President but i am proud of those who do

Westford School: Kayla- What do you think about NCLB?

Sen Leahy: You have been asking some very good questions and this shows what great teachers you have and what good students you are. I voted against NCLB Kayla because I thought it was too inflexible for a small rural state like ours.

Westford School: Eric- What is the most serious Issue in the US right now?

Sen Leahy: Eric our country is heading into recession and I worry that not enough is being done with the housing crisis and with the jobs being shipped overseas. When you add the high cost of energy and medical care I believe it shows that much has been neglected while we pay for the war in Iraq. Our domestic priority should be to fix the economy.

Westford School: Kayla- The government does so much about war, but what about bullying and harassment?

Sen Leahy: I am going to have to go back to the Senate floor but I have enjoyed this chat - you have seen a small part of my office and you are welcome to visit anytime. I hope i can visit there.

Westford School: Thank you Senator!

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