Thomas Fleming Elementary School

Fourth and Fifth Grade

On March 11, 2009, Senator Leahy held his second online chat using Skype, which is an online tool for making video calls and instant messaging.  Senator Leahy was able to see and hear the 45 fourth and fifth graders and they were able to see video of him from their classroom in Essex.

The students chatted with Senator Leahy for 30 minutes and asked a range of questions, a sample of which are available below.  The photo to the left shows Senator Leahy's view of the students from his desk in Washington, D.C. 

Ethan H. and Sully

Do you think the stimulus package will work?

Jordan, Gina, and Carmella

If you could make any bill into a law what would it be?

Erin, Abi and Shannon

Who was/is your role model?

Nihad and Dominick

Have you met with President Obama and talked about Vermont?

Melissa, Taryn, and Jamie

What are your views on global warming?


What is your favorite thing about being a Senator?

Ethan B. and Ethan P.

Are you going to play in the next Batman movie? If so, do you know what part you will play?