Stafford Technical Center

11th and 12th Grade Students

 On March 9, 2010 Senator Leahy conducted his first online chat with 11th and 12th grade students of the Stafford Technical Center. Students from nine of the seventeen programs of study offered at Stafford Technical Center spent 30 minutes asking the Senator questions about stimulating the economy in Vermont, the role of technical education and lowering the cost of college. Students also asked the Senator about his favorite band The Grateful Dead and about how they could make a difference in the state as high school students.  Listed below is a sample of questions asked by the students during the chat.

Molly: In your opinion do you think that universal health care is possible and affordable?

Colin: Senator, how do you see the federal government’s role in helping recent graduates of Technical Centers stay in their hometowns?

David: Do you feel safe as a public figure post 9/11?  How has security changed for you?

Josh: What role do you see technical education playing in our educational system?

Colin: What needs to happen in order to create more jobs in Vermont? 

Luke: Do you support the use of biomass as an alternative energy source?

Geoffrey: Given the economic times what can you do to support additional funding for public safety and fire fighter positions?

Lauren: What is it like to be a US Senator? Do you feel if you made a mistake it would affect the country?

Amber: How will college become more affordable for our generation?

Molly: Now that Jerry Garcia is no longer with us, is the Grateful Dead still one of your favorite bands?

Colin T. :If you had a son or daughter in school today, what career fields would you encourage them to explore?

Geoffrey: What can we do as high school students to make a difference in our state?

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