Rutland Town School

8th Grade Students

Ms. Fleming’s 8th grade class

As a part of the annual “Operation Caring Classroom” Initiative, the Armed Forces Foundation contacted Senator Leahy to perform an online chat with students from Rutland Town School in Rutland, VT. In order to raise awareness and appreciation for military families, Senator Leahy spoke with students discussing health care issues, the environment, the Constitution and his life. Listed below is a sample of some of the questions asked during the chat.  This year’s chat is the second time Senator Leahy has chatted with Rutland Town School.

Andy and Issac

What do you think about making school days longer?

Kelly and Justin

How do you feel about medical marijuana for cancer patients?


Who are your friends in the Senate?


Why do we have high gas prices?


Where do you stand on health care overhaul?


Who is your favorite founding father and why?

Press Contact

David Carle: 202-224-3693