Rutland Middle School

8th Graders

 Senator Leahy participates in a video chat with Rutland students

Senator Leahy had his first online chat using Skype, which is an online tool for making video calls and instant messaging.  Senator Leahy was able to see and hear the students in the Rutland Middle School eighth-grade class, and the entire eighth-grade class (180 students and 10 faculty) was able to see and hear Senator Leahy's answers on a big screen set up in the auditorium.

The students asked several questions, with the topics ranging from the Senator's appearance in the most recent Batman movie to his opinion on the drinking age to how the economic recovery bill will help the education system in Vermont.

Senator Leahy even answered question from one student on how he stays in touch with young people in Vermont. The Senator then reminded the students how important it is for him to hear from all of them on issues that are important to them; without their input, he would not know what they find important.

If you are a Vermont teacher or principal, and would like to set up an opportunity for your students to participate in an on-line chat with Senator Leahy, please do not hesitate to contact his Washington office at (202) 224-4242 or his Burlington office at 1-800-642-3193. You can also click here for further contact information.

Press Contact

David Carle: 202-224-3693