Rutland High School

On January 25, 2011, Senator Leahy held an online chat with seniors at Rutland High School. Using Skype to communicate with the students and their teachers Senator Leahy spoke about his plans to attend President Obama’s State of the Union Address later that evening. Students also asked questions about a variety of topics including education, energy and the environment and health care reform.

Listed below is a sample of some of the questions asked during the chat.

Twyla  - How do you feel about the establishment of wind turbines on the Vermont Landscape?

Kilian - Do you think Vermont should put more time and money into making us a greener, more environmentally friendly state?  Or are we doing enough?

Caitlin - Will the reauthorization of NCLB result in a more supportive and less punitive education environment? 

Andrew - What are your thoughts on Vermont Yankee? 

Reilly - Would you repeal health care?

Cassie - What are your plans specifically to help the economy?

Senator Leahy chats via Skype with seniors from Rutland High School from his office in Washington, DC.

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