Richmond Elementary School

On March 16, 2011 Senator Leahy spent a half hour speaking with students from Richmond Elementary School. The 4th grade students who had just finished studying Vermont civics and government asked a variety of questions about life as a United States Senator, Lake Champlain, Farm to School Program, and technology  in schools. This was Senator Leahy’s first online chat with Richmond Elementary School.  The questions asked during the chat are listed below.

Raina: Why did you want to run for Senate the first time?

Nate: If someone is interested in being in the Senate in the future, what kind of education or experience would you recommend? 

Hannah:  What is the most interesting part of your day in Washington DC?

Guthrie:  What are your future goals for the clean-up of Lake Champlain? 

Josh:  What do you think is the biggest impact from the Farm to School program? 

Allie:  Who is the most interesting international person you’ve ever met? 

Finn:  What was the hardest decision you ever made in the Senate? 

Ella: What do you miss the most about Vermont when you are in Washington DC? 

Jasper: Is there someone in history who is inspirational to you? 

Sarah/Aislynn:  What was your most memorable trip and what was its purpose?

Nora: Do you think technology is important in schools & how do you support funding for technology?  

Jacob:   Why is Batman your favorite super hero? 

Elena:  What do you think is the biggest challenge facing Vermont in the future?

Senator Leahy chats via Skype with fourth grade students from
Richmond Elementary School from his office in Washington, D.C.

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