Albert D. Lawton Intermediate School

6th Grade Students

Mr. Peter Gustafson’s 6th grade Social Studies Class

As part of their recent study of the rainforest student’s of Mr. Peter Gustafson’s 6th grade social studies class wrote letters to Senator Leahy’s office in December of 2009 sharing with the Senator their thoughts on the topic. After responding to the student letters, Senator Leahy spoke directly with students during an online chat to further explore global efforts for rainforest preservation. This was the first online chat for the Albert D. Lawton Intermediate School.  A sample of the questions asked during the chat follows.

Hannah asked: How are you personally involved with protecting the rain forests?

Sarah asked: What specific government agencies in the U.S. are working to save the rain forests or our own National forests?

Noah asked: What steps have you taken to help decrease pollution from cars or factories, and how have you promoted the construction of more fuel-efficient cars?

Kyle asked: More than ½ of the world’s medicine comes from the world’s rain forest. What can the U.S. Senate do to keep these forests available for research before we lose land that might hold the cures for cancer and other diseases?

Press Contact

David Carle: 202-224-3693