Stowe Elementary School

On Wednesday, May 8, Sen. Leahy held his fifth online chat of the 113th Congress with members of Stowe Elementary School’s Student Council. Using the internet to communicate with the students and their teachers, Sen. Leahy answered the students’ questions on several issues, including the rising cost of higher education, the conflict in Syria and the future of gun violence legislation.  Leahy has long been a leader in Congress in connecting to schoolrooms with Internet tools.

Listed below are the questions the students asked Sen. Leahy.

1)      What made you want to be a Senator?

2)      What is your opinion about the reported use of chemical weapons in Syria?

3)      What are your ideas on how we can prevent future incidents like the Boston Marathon Bombing?

4)      What do you think the sentence should be for the Marathon Bomber if convicted?

5)      Do you have access to a personal jet like the President? How else do you get around?

6)      What is the hardest thing about being a Senator?

7)      How can the United States prevent a conflict with North Korea?

8)      With 90% of the people in this country in favor of gun control measures, why do you think these changes are not happening?

9)      If you had to have a different job, what would it be?

10)   What is your favorite place to go on vacation?

11)   What is your opinion about the high prices of college?

Press Contact

Press Contact
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