It is our sacred duty to support those who have risked their lives to protect our country to the best of our ability, and a responsibility that Senator Leahy takes very seriously. We must ensure that the brave men and women of our Armed Forces receive the care and benefits they have rightly earned when they return home.  

Veterans Compensation, Pension, and Survivor Benefits

If you have a pending claim or appeal with the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA), Senator Leahy's casework staff may be able to:

  • Check on the status of your case
  • Assist in obtaining service or medical records to support your claim
  • Request that the VA expedite consideration in cases of homelessness, terminal illness, or extreme financial hardship.

Senator Leahy can request that the Department of Veterans Affairs give your application every proper consideration. However, he cannot influence the outcome of your case, nor can his office submit a claim on your behalf.

The Department of Veterans Affairs recommends that veterans use a Veterans Service Officer to represent them when filing claims and that they enroll in e-benefits to track claims and manage other benefits. 

Veterans may seek representation from any accredited Veterans Service Officer, regardless of their service organization affiliation:

  • American Legion Service Officer, White River Junction VA (802) 296-5166
  • Disabled American Veterans Service Officer, White River Junction VA (802) 296-5167
  • Veterans of Foreign Wars Service Officer, White River Junction VA (802) 296-5168
  • Vietnam Veterans of America, (603) 903-1257
  • State of Vermont Service Officer Program, Travels Statewide (888) 666-9844

Veterans Education Benefits

Veterans Employment Resources

 Financial Issues

Veterans Records and Military History

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