Academy Nominations

United States Service Academies

The United States Service Academies provide an excellent opportunity for qualified students to receive a paid education and graduate as commissioned officers in the United States Armed Services. Appointments are highly competitive, with the Academies selecting candidates based on evidence of character, scholarship, leadership ability, physical aptitude, medical fitness, goals and motivation. As a member of Congress, Senator Leahy is proud to nominate Vermont candidates each year to:

Note: The U.S. Coast Guard Academy does not require a congressional nomination. You should contact that Academy directly.


All materials for the Class of 2026 cycle must be submitted in the online application system by 5:00 p.m. Eastern Time on Wednesday, December 1, 2021 in order to be considered for congressional nomination. No exceptions.


Senator Leahy considers applications from Vermont residents and children of Vermont residents. Applicants from other states will be encouraged to apply for a political nomination from their respective Congressional representatives.

To be eligible you must be:

  • A United States citizen.
  • Your permanent residence must be in Vermont.
  • Between the ages of 17 and 22 on July 1 of the year you wish to enter the Academy.
  • Unmarried, not pregnant, and without any obligation to support children or other dependents.


The following steps are required of all applicants. It is the applicant’s responsibility to submit all required application materials and to communicate any problems or questions to Senator Leahy’s office. The office will not accept inquiries about the status of service academy nomination applications from parents or other family members, except in true emergency circumstances.

Steps to Apply for a Nomination

First, contact the U.S. Service Academies that interest you and find out more about their specific eligibility requirements and application process. You MUST contact an Academy directly to initiate the admissions process. This is IN ADDITION to the Congressional nomination process.

Second, to be considered for a nomination by Senator Leahy, use the “Application” button below to create an account in OAM Public, the online application system, and complete your application. When filling out the application, you may save your progress and return to complete it at another time before the deadline. All documents uploaded to the application must be in PDF format. Please be careful to read and follow all of the instructions within the application. Incomplete applications will not be considered.

You will need to:

  • Complete the online application questionnaire.
  • Provide your Social Security number. The Senator's office uses your SSN to submit and track your application with the academies.
  • Provide three letters of recommendation from individuals who are familiar with your accomplishments in school, extracurricular and/or community activities. These individuals should not be related to you. You can upload them yourself, or have the application system request that someone else upload them on your behalf.
  • Upload your high school transcript, including class rank, if available.
  • Upload a 500-word-maximum cover letter describing to the Senator why you are a good choice for a nomination to a United States Service Academy. Please be sure to include any information you feel has prepared you for this challenge and makes you stand out from the rest of the applicants.
  • Upload a resume or list of any extracurricular or special activities in which you have participated, jobs you have held, or awards or recognition you have earned.
  • OPTIONAL: Provide your SAT or ACT scores. Senator Leahy does not require applicants to submit SAT or ACT scores in order to be considered for a Vermont congressional nomination. Please be advised that this does not impact the requirements of the academies themselves. You will still need to independently meet any testing and submission requirements set by each academy to which you are applying. For more information on these requirements, visit the websites for the United States Service Academies’ admissions offices below: