Williston Firms Keep Growing: Leahy Support Of Triosyn And MicroStrain Helps Them Revolutionize Safety Of Troops

. . . Leahy Announces $3.2 Million In New Contracts For Williston Firms

WILLISTON, VT -- Senator Patrick Leahy visited two Williston firms, MicroStrain and Triosyn, Monday to announce a series of cutting-edge, job-creating defense contracts he secured for the firms that may lead to revolutionary advances in aircraft safety and medical practices for U.S. troops.

During a tour of MicroStrain’s new virtual helicopter -- a high-tech lab featuring key components of the Navy’s Seahawk HH-60 helicopter – Leahy, a senior member of the Senate Appropriations Committee, announced that he has secured a new $2.4 million Department of Defense contract for the company to continue its work developing independently powered wireless sensors to help the Navy monitor wear and tear on its helicopters.  Since 2006 Leahy has secured $8.1 million in contracts for the firm to develop a system of state-of-the-art sensors, power systems and processing equipment that will help the Navy reduce repair costs, reduce the number of equipment-related failures and ensure the safety of those flying the aircraft.  Since Leahy began working with MicroStrain, the company has more than doubled in and recently completed a move into a new facility.

“We’re proud of our many breakthroughs in advanced wireless sensor networks,” said MicroStrain’s President and CEO, Steve Arms.  “We’ve created autonomous structural monitoring systems that operate perpetually using only the ambient energies of operation for power.  This clearly shows the potential of using energy harvesting and wireless sensors to collect data from areas that have previously been impossible to monitor.  We’re looking forward to the next phase of this project which is taking the system onto real helicopters in flight and we thank the US Navy and Senator Leahy for their continued support.”

In a separate visit with the leaders and employees of Triosyn, Leahy announced he had secured a new $800,000 contract with the Department of Defense to develop an antimicrobial wound dressing, a high-tech solution to reducing deadly infections.  This most recent contract comes on the heels of more than $15 million in Leahy-secured federal investments that helped develop an antimicrobial mask for the military that kills on contact 99.9 percent of viruses.  According to Leahy, these contracts helped Triosyn develop a similar commercially available mask that has been a vital key to Triosyn’s success and expansion in Vermont.  By the end of 2009, Triosyn estimates it will have produced more than 2 million of these masks, resulting in the hiring of more than 100 people and the capacity to produce more than 50 million masks in 2010 with additional hiring -- a 700 percent increase in employment since last year.

“Triosyn’s new contract with the Department of Defense is another critical step in the continued development of our cutting-edge, antimicrobial technology, and it was made possible by the foresight and sustained commitment of Senator Leahy,” said Triosyn President and CEO Pierre-Jean Messier. “Senator Leahy understands the vital importance of the work Triosyn is doing, and with his support, we have made significant strides in 2009, greatly increasing production capacity at our Williston-based manufacturing facility and in the process bringing important jobs to the state of Vermont.”

“The men and women who serve in our armed forced depend upon the men and women working in companies like MicroStrain and Triosyn for state of the art equipment to help them succeed in their missions and to help keep them safe,” said Leahy.  “The leadership, engineers, and many employees working at these two companies are on the leading edge of science.   MicroStrain’s sensors and Triosyn’s antimicrobial products will revolutionize how the military protects our troops – by keeping helicopters and airplanes flying more safely and by reducing the risk of infection to injured troops.


About MicroStrain

MicroStrain is a leading manufacturer of inertial measurement systems, micro displacement transducers, and wireless sensing networks. MicroStrain's sensing systems are used in a wide variety of applications, including testing new designs, controlling critical processes, navigating unmanned vehicles, and monitoring the health of structures and machines. Recognized as an innovator in the sensors industry, MicroStrain has received ten Best of Sensors Expo Gold awards for its new products. For further information please visit MicroStrain's website at www.microstrain.com or call 802-862-6629.

About Triosyn Corp.

Triosyn Corp. is the engineering and U.S. production facility of Safe Life Corp., a company dedicated to developing novel, antimicrobial technologies and products that help prevent the spread of infection and disease. Founded in 2006, the company has developed a family of next-generation, NIOSH-certified respirators, including the Safe Life A400 Series N95 Respirator and the Safe Life T5000 Series P95 Respirator. With more than 100 patents and patents pending, the company's antimicrobial is an EPA-registered, solid-state antimicrobial that successfully harnesses the power of iodine, which has a nearly 200-year track record for being effective against a broad spectrum of microorganisms. The company has garnered regulatory approvals, licenses, clearances registrations and certifications from the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), Food & Drug Administration (FDA), National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH), INSPEC (EU) and Health Canada.

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