The Time Is Now For Comprehensive, Smart Immigration Reform

From The Senate Judiciary Committee Majority Staff
S. 744: The Border Security, Economic Opportunity, and Immigration Modernization Act

The Time Is Now For Comprehensive, Smart Immigration Reform

The Senate Judiciary Committee has begun consideration of the Border Security, Economic Opportunity, and Immigration Modernization Act, legislation that will bring needed reforms to the nation’s immigration system, bringing millions of people into the legal system, bolstering our economy, and uniting families.

S.744 Will Improve Our National Security

More than 11 million people are living, undocumented, within our borders.  S.744 will allow millions of people to earn a path to citizenship, requiring them to register with the government, provide identifying information including photographs and biometric information, and subject them to FBI and national security background checks. 

S.744 will allow workers to participate fully in our economy and community, where they can assist law enforcement without fear of deportation or reprisal, contribute to local economies, pay taxes, and enrich our culture.

S.744 Will Bolster Our Economy

S.744 will cut red tape for employers by eliminating the backlog for employment-based green cards.  The bill will remove restrictions that needlessly limit the number of outstanding researchers and executives who could enter the country, increasing the number of high-skilled workers who can come to the United States and contribute to our economy.  High skilled immigration is a key driver of American innovation, according to countless studies.

S.744 Will Unite Families

More than 16 million individuals live in families of mixed status, according to the Pew Hispanic Center. Grandparents may be illegal, while children and grandchildren are not.  Children may be U.S. citizens, while parents face the possibility of deportation.  S.744 will clear the existing family visa backlog, and create a window for sibling reunification.  U.S. citizens will have over a year to petition to bring their siblings or children over the age of 31 to the country.

S.744 Will Not Add to the Deficit

The bill is designed to not add a dime to the deficit.  The cost of border security and law enforcement measures in the bill are offset by the revenues generated from fines paid by undocumented immigrants and visa processing fees. 
Many conservative commentators have noted that fixing our broken immigration system will grow the economy and ultimately save taxpayer money.  Immigrants boost productivity and increase demand in the American economy, stimulating growth that benefits all Americans. 

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