The President’s Veto Of The Intelligence Authorization Act

“It is not surprising, given the sad and destructive history of this administration, that President Bush has vetoed the Intelligence Authorization bill over a provision that would reempha that waterboarding and other forms of torture are illegal.  It is, however, deeply disappointing.  

“As I have said all along, the provision adopted by both the Senate and House of Representatives was not needed to outlaw waterboarding or other forms of torture.  Such techniques are already clearly illegal.  However, this administration has chosen to ignore the law.  The positions that they have taken publicly on waterboarding offend the core values of this nation, and have the potential to threaten the safety and wellbeing of Americans around the world.  I supported this provision because a clear, public rejection of those positions was – and still is – needed.

“This President has missed another opportunity to improve a shameful legacy of torture, contrary to American values, and instead send a positive message to the world.  Rather, he has shown again that his administration does not mirror those long-held American values, and instead continues to threaten this country’s standing as a beacon for human rights around the world.”

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