The Patent And Trademark Office’s Letter To The Senate Judiciary Committee On S. 1145, The Patent Reform Act Of 2007

“For years, we have worked in a bipartisan way to bring needed reforms to our Nation’s patent system.  Last year, after many discussions and meetings, we introduced the bipartisan, bicameral Patent Reform Act of 2007.  Throughout the process, the Judiciary Committee has sought to address the concerns of Members of the Senate, the administration and stakeholders from all parts of the patent world.  As a result, the Committee passed legislation in July, and we are preparing for its consideration in the Senate this month.

“A critical piece of the Patent Reform Act addresses how courts determine damages for patent infringement.  Since its passage in committee, we have been working to strike the right balance to ensure patent holders obtain appropriate compensation in infringement cases.  We have worked and will continue to work with the White House as the Senate prepares to consider this important legislation.” 

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