Summary Of Egypt Aid Limits In The Omnibus Appropriations Bill

Sec. 7041(a) Egypt

  • The input from authorizers was received and considered, and SACFO addressed appropriations matters for assistance for Egypt, leaving authorizing issues to the respective Committees.

What the provision does not do:

  • The provision does not include broad waiver authority requested by the Administration and included in other legislation for assistance for Egypt.
  • The provision does not exclude Congress from considering events in Egypt for two fiscal years – as other proposed legislation on Egypt does.
  • Sec. 7008 (coup d’etat restriction on assistance) is not amended in this bill – this task is left for further discussion with authorizing committees.
  • The provision does not include strategic reviews for economic and military assistance for Egypt – this task is left for further discussion with authorizing Committees. 

What the provision does:

  • The provision provides up to the President’s budget request for military and economic assistance for Egypt, and ties this assistance to concrete and measureable steps the Government of Egypt has committed to take to restore democracy.
  • FY 2014 assistance for the Government of Egypt (GoE) is only available if the Secretary of State certifies that the GoE is sustaining the strategic relationship with the United States and is meeting its obligations under the 1979 Egypt-Israel Peace Treaty.
  • FY 2014 military and economic assistance is tied to  Secretary of State certifications that GoE has held (1) a Constitution referendum in Egypt and the GoE is taking steps to support a democratic transition, and (2) parliamentary and presidential elections, and that a newly elected GoE is taking steps to govern democratically.
  • FY 2014 military assistance may move forward at the minimum rate necessary to continue existing military contracts, except that no defense articles and services from such contracts may be delivered to the GoE until the certification requirements on the referendum and national elections are met.
  • The provision includes exemptions for counterterrorism, nonproliferation, and border security programs, and development programs in the Sinai.
  • The provision allows the remaining balance in FY 2013 military aid ($584 million) to move forward at the minimum rate necessary to continue existing contracts and includes exclusions from current restrictions for assistance for education and economic growth, as requested by the Department of State.
  • The provision supports funding for democracy programs in Egypt, and provides permissive authority to the Secretary of State to withhold funds for the central Government of Egypt in an amount equal to that expended in bail, and court and legal fees, by the United States Government and nongovernmental organizations associated with democracy-related trials in Egypt.

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