Statement On President Trump's Budget Proposal

For the fourth year in a row, President Trump has sent Congress a reckless and cynical budget proposal that is divorced from reality and, if implemented, would do more harm than good.  The President continues his attack on affordable health care, proposing cuts to Medicare and Medicaid, which millions of American’s rely on to ensure they can see a doctor when they need one.  He proposes to eliminate programs that support and invest in the middle class and our economy, including education, infrastructure programs that help us rebuild our bridges and roads, and affordable housing, and it wastes billions of dollars on an ineffective border wall.  It even makes reckless cuts to the CDC, NIH and USAID Global Health programs as the threat of the coronavirus continues to spread.  There could not be a starker contrast between the priorities of this Administration which has prioritized tax cuts for the wealthy over support for the middle class, and Democrats in Congress who year after year fight to restore funding for programs that improve people’s lives.

His budget simply ignores the framework of the bipartisan agreement we reached on budget caps, boosting military spending while slashing investments here at home.  Budgets are where we are supposed to outline our priorities as a nation and, sadly, the President’s priorities are on sharp display in this proposal.  I look forward to working with Chairman Shelby on passing bipartisan appropriations bills that reflect our nation’s priorities and invest in the American people. 

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