Statement On The Transmission Of Articles Of Impeachment

Now that the House has transmitted its Articles of Impeachment against President Trump, it is essential that the Senate conduct a trial that lives up to our constitutional duty.  Impeachment is the only constitutional mechanism Congress has to hold presidents accountable, and the Framers entrusted us with the “sole power to try impeachments.”  It is now up to each senator to validate and honor the trust that has been placed in our hands.

This will be the seventh time I have taken the special oath that each senator must swear before a trial – that we will do “impartial justice according to the Constitution and laws.”  Our oath requires that all senators behave impartially and allow for a fair trial, one that places the pursuit of truth above fealty to any president or any political party.  The charged conduct is extremely serious.  Despite President Trump’s efforts to conceal his activities in Ukraine, we learn more disturbing details nearly every single day.  The Senate must now insist on learning the whole truth, and bring in witnesses that the President has thus far blocked.  We owe it to the American people and we owe it to the integrity of our constitutional republic to get the entire story.

However we ultimately cast our votes, we must do so only after a good-faith and conscientious process.  Our obligation to the American people, to our Constitution, to our 232-year-old experiment in democratic self-governance demands no less.

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