Statement On The Passing Of Tony Pomerleau

Statement Of Senator Patrick Leahy
On The Passing Of Tony Pomerleau

Marcelle introduced me to her Uncle Tony nearly sixty years ago when I was a young college student. Within a very short time, he was making me feel like a member of the family, and he became Uncle Tony to me also.  Our children, and then our grandchildren, always saw him as Uncle Tony when we would visit him and his wife, Rita.

During the past few days Marcelle and I, and the children and grandchildren, have talked about Tony, and the memories of our associations over the years flood back.

We think of his enormous philanthropy in Vermont, his caring about Vermont and people throughout Vermont society. We think of the good he has done for others, but in the end we think of a loving member of our family, and while not unexpected, it is a loss that will be felt by all of us over the generations.

Perhaps so much is summed up in the memories Marcelle and I have of being at the baptism of his great-grandchild last year at the time of Tony’s birthday. A hundred years separated the two of them, but the love in Tony’s face was the same love we have seen for decades.

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Friday, February 9, 2018

[Below is a posting by Senator Leahy on his Instagram page this morning, with a link to the photo.]

I thought of this picture I took on a foggy day in Burlington when we got the news that Marcelle's uncle Tony Pomerleau had left this life.  But in the family his light will never go out.


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