Statement On The Passing Of Jake Burton Carpenter

Marcelle and I join all Vermonters in mourning the loss of Jake Burton Carpenter.

Hanging in my office is one of the early, wooden “Burton Boards” that are now so iconic to the sport.  Marcelle and I will keep it there as a reminder of Jake’s generosity to his employees and his community, which was exemplified by the annual, open celebration he and Donna threw at their own home.  It will stand as a reminder of his fierce dedication to address the emerging crisis of climate change and not only what it meant to the future of sport he held so dear, but to his children’s futures.  And it will stand as the reminder of his friendship and his enduring love for our state. 

Jake valued community, and I know that legacy will carry on in all those who called him a friend, a mentor, a husband and a father.  He was a visionary, and Marcelle and I will miss him dearly.    

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