Statement On The 5th Anniversary Of The Restoration Of Diplomatic Relations With Cuba

“Five years ago today, the United States and Cuba restored diplomatic relations, opened embassies, and began a process of engagement to promote people-to-people exchanges, economic investment, and dialogue to address issues in disagreement.  That decision was supported by large majorities in both countries.  Two years later, the Trump Administration reversed all that, curtailing Americans’ right to travel, harming Cuban small businesses, limiting remittances, and abandoning agreements for dialogue on law enforcement, maritime security, property claims, public health, and human rights – the same vindictive, self-defeating approach that had failed to achieve any of its objectives for over half a century.  The United States and Cuban governments have profound differences, as we do with many governments, but we can also cooperate on many issues to the benefit of the people of both countries.  That is what began in 2015, and we should resume that approach now.”