Statement On Agreement To Protect Online Privacy And Free Speech

I applaud the historic agreement reached among some our Nation's leading Internet companies and human rights organizations to work together to resist government censorship of information on the Internet.   Online privacy is a human right and the Global Network Initiative will help advance privacy and freedom of expression on the Internet around the world.


Over the last decade, the Internet has become a vital tool to protect and ensure the rights and basic freedoms not only of Americans, but of all the world's citizens.  Unfortunately, the Internet’s many virtues also make it a prime target of the world's most oppressive regimes.


Given the great value of the Internet in advancing human rights and basic freedoms around the globe, Americans have a duty to ensure that the Internet remains open and free to all of the world's citizens.   I am pleased that the high tech and human rights communities have come together to combat online government censorship, so that the Internet can continue to thrive and promote human rights in the decades ahead. 

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