Statement Of Senator Patrick Leahy On The Resignation Of National Security Advisor Michael Flynn

General Flynn’s resignation as National Security Advisor is not the end of this story.  I fear it is only the beginning.  I have been deeply troubled for months about Russian manipulation of the 2016 presidential campaign and growing evidence of Russia’s influence inside the White House.  Serious questions remain unanswered about whether the President knew of Flynn’s conversations with the Russians, and about Vladimir Putin’s relationship with other individuals close to the President.  It should comfort no one that the people who seem to be the most upset today are the Russians.

General Flynn’s connections to Russia must be thoroughly investigated by the intelligence community, by the FBI, and by Congress.  This is yet another reminder that we also, urgently, need an independent investigation of Russia’s interference in the presidential election and in our democracy.  For the sake of our national security, we need to get to the truth.    

The Trump administration has been aware of these concerns for some time.  The American people deserve answers.  Attorney General Sessions must allow investigations of Russian influence to proceed.  It is the Attorney General’s duty to take this matter seriously, and I hope he will not stand in the way of a full investigation.

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