Statement of Senator Patrick Leahy On The Racist Demonstrations And Violence In Charlottesville

“This morning Marcelle and I will go to Mass honoring the life of a dear friend who just died. At Mass we will also pray – as we have throughout the weekend – that America can remember that all people are equal.  There is no place in any great country for racial bias, religious bias or hatred of others.  The President should denounce David Duke and others who say they carry out racial hatred in his name.  I denounce it and as a Senator I will always denounce the racial, religious and even political bias and hatred growing in our country.  It makes us less safe as a nation and it is not why all of us work to preserve what we see as American values.  From peaceful Vermont my heart goes out to the people of Charlottesville and everywhere that people in America face hatred because of their race, religion or beliefs.  We must be better. Bias against each other for any reason is wrong. We’ve seen too much of it against people of different races, different sexual identities, different religions or any perceived difference.  That is my mission and my prayer.”

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