Senator Patrick Leahy On SCOTUS Decision Not To Consider Pending Cases On Same-Sex Marriage

[The Supreme Court on Monday decided not to hear any of the five pending cases on same-sex marriage.  The Court’s decision effectively upholds the lower court decisions that struck down same-sex marriage bans in Indiana, Wisconsin, Utah, Virginia and Oklahoma.  Couples in those states can now marry.  Furthermore, several additional states are bound by these lower court rulings and same-sex couples in Wyoming, Colorado, Kansas, West Virginia, North Carolina and South Carolina will also be able to marry.]

“The Supreme Court’s decision today is another important step toward fairness for all Americans who deserve the right to marry who they love.  Our country has made great strides on this important civil rights issue, and today marks another critical milestone in the ongoing march toward equality.  Vermont was one of the first states in the nation to fully recognize same-sex marriage. Vermonters understand the importance of marriage equality, and the right to have those commitments recognized by their government.” 

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