Senate Confirms Senator Leahy’s And Governor Scott’s Recommendation For Vermont’s Next U.S. Attorney, Christina Nolan

The U.S. Senate Thursday night unanimously confirmed Christina Nolan to be Vermont’s next U.S. Attorney, following the recommendation of U.S. Senator Patrick Leahy and Vermont Governor Phil Scott (R).  Ms. Nolan was nominated less than two months ago by President Trump, and she is one of only two U.S. Attorney nominees to be confirmed in states with Democratic Senators and is also one of only two women to be confirmed as U.S. Attorneys in this Congress.  Leahy is a leading member of the Senate Judiciary Committee, which handled the nomination.    

Ms. Nolan will be the 38th U.S. Attorney and the first woman to be Senate-confirmed in Vermont’s history.  She will lead an office of some 45 employees, including 20 attorneys who represent the United States in criminal and civil litigation in Vermont.  Ms. Nolan has served as an Assistant U.S. Attorney in Vermont since 2010, and in recent years has focused on criminal cases involving trafficking in heroin and other opioids.

In a joint statement, Leahy and Scott said:

“Christina Nolan is a native Vermonter and a well-respected Assistant U.S. Attorney with a passion for the State of Vermont and for the mission of a prosecutor — to seek justice and improve our communities.  She also understands the public safety challenges facing our state, especially how opioid addiction has affected so many Vermont families and how this needs to be an important focus of the office.  We were proud to join together to recommend Christina to the President for this position, the top federal law enforcement official in our state.  We know she will make Vermont proud.

“We also extend our appreciation to Eugenia A.P. Cowles, who has served Vermonters well as the Acting U.S. Attorney since February.”

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