Senate Appropriations Vice Chair Leahy Announces His Opposition To The Fourth Continuing Resolution

Democrats have been ready and willing to negotiate a spending agreement since June.  The House bill does not address the needs of our military, our veterans, or the opioid epidemic, and it does not protect the DREAMers.

Instead of working on these important matters, congressional Republican leadership spent the last year overturning consumer protections, stripping health care from millions of Americans, and passing a massive tax cut for big corporations and wealthy Americans to be paid for by middleclass Americans and future generations.  During that time, they have continued to kick the can down the road and failed to do their jobs to pass sensible spending bills to keep our government open.  They have cast aside Congress’s fundamental responsibilities in pursuit of a hyper-partisan agenda. 

Republican leadership – led by President Trump – has brought us to the brink of a government shutdown.  The House bill does not have my support.  It leaves too much undone, and it is woefully inadequate.  If the majority now wants bipartisan support, they should work with Democrats, instead of appealing for our support only after they’ve written a mishmash bill crafted behind closed doors.

Republicans control the House, they control the Senate and they control the presidency. The government stays open if they want it to stay open, and it shuts down if they want it to shut down.  It’s time to stop kicking the can down the road and time to negotiating in good faith.

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