Sen. Patrick Leahy REAX On Russia’s Unprovoked Assault On Ukraine

Marcelle and I are praying for the people of Ukraine, an independent country with a democratically elected government that has not threatened Russia.  The unprovoked invasion of Ukraine by Vladimir Putin is based on his twisted interpretation of world history and current affairs.  Because he refused any of the numerous off-ramps offered by President Biden and the rest of the nations of the world toward diplomatically resolving whatever concerns he claims are motivating his actions, the Ukrainian people are facing the grievous suffering and devastating losses inevitable from war.  

Putin’s aggressions have profound consequences for Russians as well, having created a self-fulfilling prophecy of his insincere words of the last few months as Russia now stands alone as an enemy to regional peace and stability.  This invasion of Ukraine prompts the question: where will Putin strike next.  I will work with President Biden to ensure that the United States does all it can to support Ukraine and our allies in Eastern Europe.  And we must also help the innocent people caught in the middle of this needless calamity. 

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