Sen. McCain’s Speech On Judicial Nominations

“Senator McCain today chose to pander to those on the far right who prefer partisan fights designed to energize a political base during an election year.  He ignored his own history in supporting filibusters against circuit court nominees, as well as his record of flip flops depending on which party holds the presidency.  He ignores the progress we have made in repairing the damage Republicans did to the confirmation process and our efforts to reduce judicial vacancies after Republicans blocked scores of President Clinton’s nominees.  Worst of all, his speech echoes the partisan Republican ploy of injecting politics into the judicial confirmation process, and that is harmful to the nation, and it is wrong.


“The American people do not want judicial nominations rooted in partisan politics.  They want federal judges who understand the importance of an independent judiciary.  Our independent courts are a source of America’s strength, endurance and stability, and our system is the envy of the world.  The American people expect the federal courts to be impartial forums where justice is dispensed without favor to the right or the left or to any political party or faction.  The only lifetime appointments in our government, these nominations matter a great deal.  The federal judiciary is the one arm of our government that should never be political, regardless of who sits in the White House.  I will continue in this Congress and with a new President in the next Congress to work with Senators from both sides of the aisle to ensure that the federal judiciary remains independent, and able to provide justice to all Americans, without fear or favor.”

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