Reaction To Trump Adm. Lifting Sanctions On Sudan

Reaction Of Appropriations Committee Vice Chair Patrick Leahy
To The Permanent Lifting Of Sanctions On Sudan
By The Trump Administration

“I supported the Trump Administration’s decision in July to extend the review period for easing sanctions against Sudan, but today’s announcement to lift sanctions is shockingly premature. While Sudan’s cooperation in some areas has improved, the government continues to impede humanitarian access and violate the fundamental rights of its citizens, as it has done for years under Omar al-Bashir, who is an indicted war criminal.

“I support efforts to normalize relations when it is in our national interest and in the interest of those most affected. But Bashir remains a pariah, and the White House has not presented a credible strategy to ensure that sanctions relief would produce the intended results. Congress must ensure that congressionally imposed restrictions, which remain in place, are used effectively to advance human rights in Sudan.”

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