Reaction To The Trump Administration’s Decision To Sanction Personnel Of The International Criminal Court

This announcement is what we have come to expect from a President whose idea of justice is to pardon his friends and override the Pentagon in cases of military justice.  The White House blames the ICC for exceeding its mandate.  In fact, the ICC has successfully prosecuted some of the world’s worst war criminals, and has done so judiciously and professionally. 

The United States was instrumental in negotiating the treaty that established the ICC.  War crimes and crimes against humanity occur in all wars.  The ICC only has jurisdiction if a government fails to prosecute violations of the laws of war by its own soldiers.  The United States has long stood for justice and accountability especially when it involves egregious crimes. 

The White House, without producing any evidence, accused the ICC of “corruption and misconduct.”  Sanctioning ICC personnel may provide fodder for campaign speeches, but it will likely have the opposite of the desired effect and further erode U.S. leadership in the pursuit of international justice. 

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