Reaction To The Refusal Of The Government Of Honduras To Extend The Mandate Of The Mission To Support The Fight Against Corruption And Impunity In Honduras

“The decision by President Hernandez, an unindicted co-conspirator in the U.S. prosecution of his brother for drug trafficking, to end the MACCIH, is the latest evidence that he is not serious about stopping the corruption that permeates his government from top to bottom.  The question now is whether the Trump Administration continues to turn a blind eye, caring only that President Hernandez has agreed for his violent, impoverished country to be a so-called ‘third country safe haven’ for Central Americans seeking asylum in the United States.  MACCIH was strongly supported by the Honduran people and by the U.S. Congress.  We can no longer support a government whose officials have repeatedly shown that they care far more about holding power and amassing wealth, than respecting the rule of law or addressing the needs of their people.”

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