Reaction Of Senator Patrick Leahy To Withdrawal Of The Trumpcare Bill From The House Floor

“There are many clear and compelling lessons to be drawn from the ashes of this sad and botched episode.  I hope Republican leaders will set aside the Hastert Rule – under which all legislation is only passed with Republican votes – and actually let all of the people’s elected representatives take part in forging actual solutions for improving health care and the ability of all Americans to have solid, practical, good-quality and affordable health insurance.

“A decade ago, before the Affordable Care Act, American health care was in crisis.  More than 40 million Americans were uninsured, with numbers projected to rise further if reforms weren’t made.  Americans with debilitating conditions were priced out of care, and insurance companies regularly discriminated against families and individuals, such as charging women more for plans.  The ACA reversed these trends, and today 90 percent of Americans have health insurance, the highest rate ever.

“The President and leaders of the Majority have made it their mission to unravel these gains and return us to a broken system.  Instead of working to improve the ACA, they have sought to destroy reforms that are saving lives and giving millions of families a level of health security that was out of their reach before the ACA.  ‘Because we said we would’ is not a good enough reason to vote for a bill that leaves tens of millions of Americans in the lurch.   

“The Trumpcare plan was a lie to the American people, and people are beginning to see that.  In the guise of a health care bill, this actually was a massive tax cut for the wealthiest Americans.  Worse still, it would pay for these tax cuts on the backs of Medicaid patients and low-income seniors.  Under this plan, 24 million Americans would have lost their health insurance.  Others would be forced to pay far more for the health care they need.” 

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