Reaction Of Senator Patrick Leahy To The White House Announcement That President Obama Will Travel To Cuba In Late March

“I wholeheartedly support this decision, long believing that President Obama should visit Cuba as part of the work of normalizing relations between our two countries.  No one can convey as effectively as he can why a policy of openness is in the interests of the people of both countries.  I have no doubt that he personally, and the message he will deliver, will be received with immense warmth and enthusiasm by the Cuban people. 

“The President’s visit will serve as a powerful symbol of the dynamism of U.S. engagement with Cuba that was unleashed when diplomatic relations were restored just 14 months ago.  It is also an historic opportunity for both governments.  It is a moment for Cuba to show that it is prepared to make hard decisions to improve relations, and for the United States to take further steps that ultimately spell the end of the failed embargo.” 

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