Reaction Of Senator Patrick Leahy To Senate Republicans' Unilateral Rejection Of Dr. Blasey Ford’s Offer To Testify On Thursday

Unwilling to wait until Thursday to allow Dr. Blasey Ford a chance to share her story with the American people, Senate Republicans are threatening to hold a vote on Monday without a single minute of testimony on the allegation of sexual assault. By blocking both an FBI investigation and a hearing where all three witnesses present during the assault could answer questions under oath, the Senate will fail in its duty to the American people.

Why this headlong, heedless rush? What are Senate Republicans trying so desperately to hide? Why not wait just a matter of days when the integrity and character of a nominee for a lifetime seat to our nation’s highest court is in doubt?

The revictimization of Dr. Blasey Ford, at the hands of Senate Republicans, is a moral outrage, plainly evident to all Americans who believe that truth and justice still matter.

It’s also clear that Judge Kavanaugh’s nomination hangs by a thread, and Republicans will do everything they can—including bullying and silencing a credible victim of sexual assault—in their manic rush to place him on the bench. Even if that means he will forever have an asterisk next to his name for being confirmed despite unresolved claims of sexual assault and misleading Congress under oath. And even if that means the price we pay is truth itself.


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