Reaction Of Senator Patrick Leahy To Secretary Clinton's Announcement That She Will Waive The Conditions On U.S. Military Aid To Egypt

“I have enormous respect for Secretary Clinton and the superb job she does for our country.  On this issue, however, we disagree.  Waiving the new conditions on democracy and human rights is regrettable, and handing over the entire $1.3 billion at once to the Egyptian military compounds the mistake by dissipating our future leverage.   We have a long partnership with the Egyptian government, and these conditions are intended to broaden our partnership to fully include the Egyptian people and their aspirations for their country.  Using this waiver authority, at this time, sends a contradictory message.  The Egyptian military should be defending fundamental freedoms and the rule of law, not harassing and arresting those who are working for democracy.  They should end trials of civilians in military courts and fully repeal the Emergency Law, and our policy should not equivocate on these key reforms.  In our oversight of how the Administration has handled these conditions, I will continue to work to strengthen our partnership with the Egyptian people and to argue against the impulse to continue business as usual and avoid the difficult choices that may be required to support Egypt’s movement toward human rights and democracy.”

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