Reaction Of Senator Patrick Leahy (D-Vt.) To The FCC’s Vote To Repeal Net Neutrality Protections

[Following is the statement of Senator Patrick Leahy (D-Vt.) about the FCC’s action Thursday to dismantle the FCC’s earlier net neutrality rules.  Leahy has long been a leading advocate of net neutrality and brought the Senate Judiciary Committee to Vermont to hear testimony from small Vermont businesses, libraries and ordinary Vermonters about the importance of keeping the internet unhindered by ‘toll lanes’ and other discriminatory practices.]

“Today the FCC took a wrecking ball to the pillars of freedom and openness upon which the Internet was built.  Without the protection of net neutrality rules, powerful telecommunication companies can decide which content gets preferential treatment and which gets throttled or even blocked.  That will hurt consumers, small businesses and startups.  The FCC is stifling innovation and competition. 

“This has been a rushed, cynical and slipshod process that has been fundamentally flawed.  Chairman Pai and the FCC’s Republican majority have shown a shocking disregard for the overwhelming input from the public, choosing instead to listen only to those with the deepest pockets.  They have made it clear that the voices of the American people do not matter to them and will be ignored in President Trump’s Washington.  As a staunch supporter of net neutrality rules, I will keep fighting until these protections are restored.”

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