Reaction Of Senator Patrick Leahy (D-Vt.) To President Obama’s Announcement That The Administration Will Train And Equip Syrian Rebels That Oppose ISIS

“There is no place in the 21st Century for a terrorist organization that so devalues human life as to summarily execute and otherwise brutalize people for no reason other than their religious, ethnic or national affiliation in an attempt to establish their own religious state.  ISIS poses a serious threat to the security of anyone it encounters, including Americans.  It is a blight on that region and an affront to civilization itself.  The President, who has wisely rejected the deployment of U.S. ground troops, has acted prudently by working to build an international coalition that includes key Arab states and regional leaders.  He has authorized air strikes against ISIS and further support for Syrian rebels opposing ISIS, many of whom have also been targeted by the cruel regime of Bashar al-Assad.

“I support the President because I believe that ISIS must be stopped, that U.S. leadership is urgently required, and that he has no intention of allowing the United States to become entangled in another large-scale war in the Middle East.  Should the President attempt to significantly expand U.S. military involvement beyond what was outlined in his speech, he should seek and obtain congressional authorization.”

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