Reaction Of Senator Patrick Leahy, Author Of The New Democracy And Human Rights Conditions On U.S. Military Aid For Egypt, To Secretary Clinton’s Decision To Waive The Conditions On National Security Grounds

“I am disappointed by this decision.  I know Secretary Clinton wants the democratic transition in Egypt to succeed, but by waiving the conditions we send a contradictory message.  The Egyptian military should be defending fundamental freedoms and the rule of law, not harassing and arresting those who are working for democracy.  They should end trials of civilians in military courts and fully repeal the Emergency Law, and our policy should not equivocate on these key reforms.  Now that Secretary Clinton has decided to use the law’s waiver authority, she should use the flexibility the law provides and release no more taxpayer funds than is demonstrably necessary, withholding the rest in the Treasury pending further progress in the transition to democracy.”

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