The Leahy Letter -- Inauguration Photo Special Edition

Senator Leahy's Photos From The Inaugural Platform

This inaugural was all the more meaningful that it took place on our national day of remembrance of the life and example of Dr. Martin Luther King.  Once again, it was moving especially to see the vast tapestry of so many people drawn together in common purpose on the Mall.  And once again it was a special thrill and a point of pride to hear the Marine Band perform under the baton of a fellow Vermonter.

The President’s address was a bold call to action that he rooted in our enduring ideals.  The challenges he outlined are clear, and many of the solutions he touched on will be difficult.  He spoke directly to the country, more than to the Congress.  The American people are generally aligned with these goals, even if an obstructionist cadre in Congress is not.

You can view a gallery of my photos from the Inauguration by clicking here.

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Press Contact
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