The Leahy Letter - January 26, 2009

Senator Patrick Leahy's Update from the Nation's Capital

From his seat on the podium, Senator Leahy had a unique vantage point of the crowds on the National Mall.

An Historic Day,
Seen Through Senator Leahy's Lens

On January 20, 2009, almost two million people came to the Nation's Capital for the Inauguration of President Barack Obama. Millions more watched across the country, and perhaps billions more watched across the globe. Many Vermonters came to Washington, braving the crowds and cold, but every Vermonter now owns a piece of that history-making day, just as every Vermonter is a stakeholder in the decisions their new government will be making on the wide range of difficult challenges now facing the nation. Senator Leahy would like to thank all of the Vermonters who joined him for this historic event.

As with past inaugurals, several news organizations asked for and posted Senator Leahy's photographs from the Obama inaugural, which he took from his vantage point behind the podium. He has picked ten of his favorites to share with you and other Vermonters. For more information and to view larger versions of the pictures below, please click here.

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