New Year Brings Good News In A Tough Economy To Vermont’s Revision Eyewear:

...Leahy Announces $5.4 M. That Will Spur Investment, Grow Vermont Jobs And Protect Soldiers

ESSEX, Vt. – During a tour Wednesday of the firm’s newly expanded manufacturing facility in Essex, Senator Patrick Leahy and Revision Eyewear CEO Jonathan Blanshay Wednesday announced $2.4 million in additional funding has been made available for the U.S. Army to supply soldiers with state-of-the-art protective goggles.

The new funding, written into law by Leahy in this year’s defense appropriations bill, comes less than a month after Revision delivered 26,000 sets of protective eyewear to the U.S. Army as part of a $3 million contract Leahy secured for Revision last year.  Leahy is a senior member of the Senate Appropriations Committee and of its Defense Subcommittee, which handled the Senate’s work in writing the bill.

Leahy said Revision’s products will help reduce the number of eye injuries to American soldiers.  According to the Department of Defense, more than 10 percent of all battlefield injuries are eye injuries – many of which are penetrating injuries from shrapnel, ordnance and other projectiles.  The new Revision lenses also protect against the increasing use of lasers on the battlefield, Leahy said.

During a tour of Revision’s 52,000-square-foot manufacturing and operations facility, Leahy met some of the firm’s 160 employees, took a firsthand look at the company’s recently shipped Sawfly laser protective lenses and the Desert Locust goggle lens system to be manufactured using the new funding, and thanked the employees for the work they are doing to reduce injuries to American soldiers.

“Revision has quickly become a model contractor, a model employer and a model neighbor,” said Leahy.  “I thank every member of the Revision team for the work you are doing to equip our soldiers, including our families, friends and neighbors who left Vermont this morning for Afghanistan, with vitally important protective eyewear,” Leahy said.  “This new funding will mean fewer eye injuries for our soldiers.  It will mean more jobs here at Revision.  And it will mean more soldiers equipped with the very best in protection, made right here in Vermont.”

Revision CEO Jonathan Blanshay said: “Revision appreciates the Senator’s support that has enabled us to develop laser protective manufacturing capability.  Ideal laser protective lenses offer high light transmission in the visible spectrum while blocking frequencies of harmful military lasers.  Protection can be injection molded or coated onto ballistic substrates that are compatible with the newest in anti-fog and hard coatings for scratch prevention.  Within Revision’s state-of-the-art manufacturing facility, which includes optical quality injection molding, sophisticated lens coating and advanced research and testing laboratories, we are capable of producing a wide variety of lenses to protect against numerous laser frequencies.  We are pleased to be able to offer 100 percent U.S. made laser protective interchangeable lenses within our battle-proven line of military spectacles and goggles.”

Since 2005, Leahy has helped secure more than $10 million for the firm to develop and distribute protective eyewear.  The ballistic eyewear is interchangeable and integrates with existing equipment, while providing soldiers with increased protection.  The eyewear meets or exceeds all required military and industrial eyewear standards, and it has been approved by the U.S. Army Forces Command.


Revision develops and delivers purpose-built eye protection solutions for military and tactical clients worldwide.  The firm specializes in integration for the optimum and necessary balance of protection and performance.  Clients include the U.S. Department of Defense, the Canadian Department of National Defence, the Netherlands Defence Materiel Organization, the Swiss Federal Department of Defence and the UK Ministry of Defence, among others.  Privately owned and ISO 9001:2008 certified, Revision’s operational headquarters is located in Essex Junction, Vt., with additional offices in the UK, Germany and Canada.  More information is available at www.revisioneyewear.com, or by calling +1 603-436-1748.

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