Marcelle Leahy Begins Chemotherapy Treatment For Chronic Leukemia

(TUESDAY, May 11, 2021) -- Marcelle Leahy, a Registered Nurse and the wife of Senator Patrick Leahy, today (Tuesday) will start treatment for the next few weeks for Chronic Lymphocytic Leukemia (CLL), a chronic form of adult leukemia.  Mrs. Leahy was diagnosed with the cancer in 2019.  Her treatment will be as an outpatient.

Mrs. Leahy, a melanoma cancer survivor, has been an advocate for cancer prevention programs.  Given the challenges the pandemic has presented for regular checkups and ongoing treatments, she wants to use her own diagnosis to encourage Vermonters and all Americans to schedule their regular doctor visits. 

In a statement, she said:  “As a cancer survivor, I know the importance of early detection and treatment.  Patrick and I are so grateful that my diagnosis is in its early stages and that the prognosis is extremely encouraging.  I am taking proactive measures to help manage this leukemia.  I encourage everyone who has postponed their regular checkups to schedule those now, and for those postponing treatment due to the pandemic to return as soon as possible.  We can win more battles against cancer if we commit to regular exams and early treatment.”

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