Leahy Unveils Online Health Care Feature For Vermonters To Share Stories, Views On Health Issues And Reform Plans

. . .Webpage Will Post Vermonters’ Thoughts And Leahy’s Responses, Along With Info Resources

Sen. Patrick Leahy (D-Vt.) this week posted an expanded webpage on health care reform on his Senate website.  The new feature offers Vermonters up-to-date information on health care reform plans currently before Congress and invites Vermonters to submit questions and comments to Leahy on each of the proposals.  Vermonters can access this webpage via http://leahy.senate.gov/.
Leahy periodically will respond to comments, individuals’ own health care system experiences and questions submitted by Vermonters and will post highlights on the webpage.
Leahy said, “Over the past several months thousands of Vermonters have shared with me their personal experiences with our current health care system and their suggestions for improvements. This is a way to harness the Internet to expand that dialogue with Vermonters as the debate intensifies on health care reform plans that will soon be before Congress.”

Vermonters can reach the webpage through http://leahy.senate.gov or email healthcare@leahy.senate.gov to submit their comments, questions and stories.

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