Leahy Statement On The President's Sudden Dismissal Of Secretary Of State Tillerson

The only predictable thing about this President is that nothing he says or does survives the test of time.  Cabinet officials are fired without even the courtesy of a phone call.  Policy pronouncements made with fanfare yesterday are repudiated today.  One minute a corrupt foreign dictator is publicly ridiculed, the next minute he is called a great leader and friend.  Running our government and foreign policy like an erratic ratings-driven TV impresario is damaging America’s image, interests and leadership. 

Firing a Secretary of State by Twitter may make for great drama and instant TV ratings, but this, and countless other instances like this, produce undiluted instability that damages the nation and the office of the presidency at just about every level.

We need a Secretary of State who has a clear understanding of the threats we face, including from Russia, and whose first loyalty is to the United States and the Constitution.  That question will be a sharp focus of the confirmation hearings for Secretary Tillerson’s replacement.

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