Leahy Statement On President Trump’s Recent Actions On Health Care

“The President does not want to provide “great” health care.  The President wants to tear down the Affordable Care Act, stripping affordable, comprehensive health care coverage from millions of American people, and thousands of Vermonters.  His latest attempt to do so is as blatant and obvious as throwing a brick through a plate glass window.  His Executive Order and announcement late last night will both drive premiums higher, making it difficult for middle class families to afford health insurance.  The President’s irresponsible actions will cut $12 million in Cost Sharing Reduction payments to Vermont next year alone, affecting thousands of Vermont families. The President has spurned the bipartisan efforts in Congress to improve the Affordable Care Act, and is instead punishing millions of families who cannot otherwise afford health insurance.  Like the House repeal bill he criticized earlier this year, the President’s actions are just mean.

“This is no longer the campaign, and health care policy is more than a partisan applause line.  It is long past time for the President to realize that real lives are at stake.”

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David Carle: 202-224-3693