Leahy Statement On President Trump’s Decision To Not Certify The Iran Deal

“President Trump’s decision not to certify the Iran deal recklessly endangers our national security interests, isolates our country, and is contrary to determinations made by his own Administration that Iran has been compliant with the agreement -- all for the sake of fulfilling a campaign slogan.  It will signal to the world – including to North Korea – that the United States cannot be trusted to keep its word. 

“The Iran deal is not perfect.  No multilateral agreement is. That is why there are many other sanctions that the vast majority of Members of Congress, myself included, have supported to address Iran’s other destabilizing actions.  But halting Iran’s nuclear program is a significant victory for world stability, and renegotiating the agreement is not feasible.  Our European allies have already released a joint statement noting the importance of keeping the agreement intact.  As long as Iran complies, so should we. 

“Rather than trying to score political points by talking tough, the President should be working with our partners to ensure the nuclear deal continues to be implemented faithfully, and engaging Congress on a bipartisan strategy to continue combating Iran’s other malign activities.

“It is now the responsibility of Congress to find a responsible path forward to protect U.S. national interests, including by refraining from enacting any legislation that would jeopardize the Iran deal. Our credibility and national security depends on it.”

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