Leahy, Sanders And Welch Issue Joint Statement On President Trump’s Move to Halt Refugee Resettlements In Vermont And Across The Country

“We deplore President Trump’s decision to unilaterally halt the refugee resettlement program and specifically target Muslim countries.  By imposing a blanket ban on entire nationalities of men, women and children facing horrific violence and devastation, he has allowed fear to triumph over compassion and common sense.  Struggling families, fleeing peril and motivated to start their lives anew, have enriched America and contribute immeasurably to our state.  Vermont has successfully resettled almost 7,500 refugees since 1988 from many different countries.  This year Vermont is looking forward to including new communities like Rutland, which has stepped up to welcome refugees who have fled relentless violence in Syria and Iraq, sometimes with just the clothes on their backs.  These communities represent the very best of our country, and the reason why the United States is a beacon of hope to people the world over.  If our State of Vermont, and in particular cities like Burlington, Winooski and Rutland want to open their arms to refugees and asylum seekers, President Trump should not stand in their way.” 

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Press Contact
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